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Holy crap. I just got my p2 oil temp and boost package. Damn. Your product and presentation sets a standard that the rest of the gauge market simply can't compete with. Every detail and component is of the highest quality. I can't wait to install this on sat. I'll take photo's the whole way through and post it later.

FOR THE SKEPTICS: Ditch that NSP, VDO, or Defi and order a P2 setup, you won't regret it like you did that NSP column pod that keeps popping off.

- Chris Naylor
I received the MkV Podi today and I have to say that I'm extremely pleased with the design of the product. Even with the hi-rez pics you've posted, I still wasn't completely convinced about the somewhat organic design. But after a pre-fit session on my GTI's steering collum, all my worries were gone. Instead, I was left in awe of how this piece looks so integrated with the interior lines. I must have looked at every angle, from every seat and from outside and NEVER once did the design look "off." In fact, the piece looked compact, tight, and dare I even say -- OEM. Even the thick bezels won me over; they have a metalic sheen to them that reminds me of industrial design cues from Apple. I'm thoroughly impressed. You were dead on when you earlier said that you guys have had plenty of experience from these designs in other VAGs cars. Props to you and your team.

- V. Nguyen
I have your product. It came with a Stewert Warner guage and I absolutely love it. I have had it in my car for about a year now and it is fantastic, everything from the fitment to the price. I just thought I would let you know the quality of your work is unbeatable. Also I was recently in Canada on vacation, and remembered my Pod was from Canada, so I thought I was visit the site... I love the work and Canada... Good job!

- Max Rodriguez
Go with the Podi hands down! It's a flawless design and easy install. Range of gauges and options to expand upon. I personally run it with the VEI digital gauge and feel it to be best on the market without question.

- Scott F.
I have had so many compliments on the podi boost guage.. no one can believe it is not OEM. The fitment is perfect, the texture and color on the plastic is flawless next to the OEM steering column.

Good job, Of all the $ i have dropped modding, that little investment has garnered the most praise.

- J. Streble
So I never really liked the pod gauges, but after searching and searching it seemed like the podi was the only quality choice. I ended up scoring a Podi/VEI gauge combo off a guy for $100 shipped and put it in. Install was a breeze and now onto how much I like it

This is the best damn gauge I have ever seen. The digital is so accurate and it never leaves me guessing how much Im holding. The gauge does not buzz or make any noise. It matches the dash perfectly and gets so damn bright during the day I only have to keep it at about 1/2 brightness. Its right where I need it and I dont have to keep my eyes off the road to see my boost. Friends almost are shocked at how OEM the pod looks and how the gauge is hardly noticable to the untrained car enthusiast. My friend has an STI and my pod/gauge combo makes his look like crap.

Thanks Winston and your time it took to develop this pod. The VEI gauges were also a fantastic addition. I recommend this setup to EVERYONE who asks me and would certainly buy it again if I had to. Also, many B5ers have been asking me about this gauge and where I got it, awaiting its release. Good luck with your future projects and I commend you on such an awesome job

- Clinton Masterson
I just got MC Hammered's Podi pod setup and I love it. It doesnt block anything but the first 10mph on your speedo, if that. I dont have tiptronic, so I cant speak for that.

I prefer the Podi over ECS's design. Plus, McHammered is a great guy to deal with.

- Mike Rule
Well over the weekend i met up with winston to install a vei plus podi combo. I was skeptical at first because I had a grey interior and I wasnt sure how the black podi gauge would clash ... after installation however I can honestly say the gauge fits as good or better than OEM, and its color is perfect for those who have a piano black trim.... its amazing to think that this gauge was designed from scratch and not by some mass producing tuner company.

i would like to thank winston for a great product and a superb install!

- James
I would never get an ECS pod + gauge package since it's placed in the middle of the steering wheel column which will definitely block the color screen. I am now running the Podi + my own guage. I am fully satisfy with the look of the Podi. Besides, the installation is easy, clear to follow. U can just get into the DIY section, and follow the instruction and pictures, you are good to go. I am new to modding car and it took me about 2 hours to install it, nicely done. I would definitely suggest u to go for the Podi, besides, MC Hammered is a cool guy, he is always willing to help u out if you face any problems.

- Luke L
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