Attention: Although the following information is Audi and VW specific it does pertain to your Podi warranty.

We have noticed increased amounts of blowby from the newer TSI/TSFI engines and these vapors are contaminating the electronic boost sender and damaging it.

Shown in the pictures below is the inside of the vacuum line, cut 2 inches from the electronic boost sender inlet, from a 2012 B8A4 72 hours after initial installation. The condensation of the vapors fouled the boost sender and caused very erratic readings.

As of June 1, 2012, we are making it a warranty requirement that the supplied inline air filter be installed before the electronic boost sender as shown in the picture below. Non installation of the inline filter will result in your warranty being void.

Customers who have purchased a Podi electronic boost gauge prior to June 1, 2012 should install the inline air filter ASAP to prevent damage to the electronic boost sender. Your warranty is still valid in the case of a claim within the one year warranty period.

Electronic Stepper Motor Boost Gauge Package (red/white backlight, red needle, silver bezel)
Podi steering column gauge pod (Patent Pending)
100% electronic stepper motor based boost gauge (-30inHg/30psi)
Multiple LEDs used for backlighting (16 for dial, 4 for needle)
Red needle with selectable red/white color backlighting
User adjustable brightness
User programmable overboost warning alarm
Peak value recall
Anti-glare coated glass lens

Included accessories:
Electronic boost pressure sender
Infrared remote control
Wiring harness
Vacuum tubing
Extra matte black bezel
Podi gauge wiring kit
$179.00 USD
VEI Systems Valentine 1 remote display package
VEI Valentine 1 Radar Detector compatible concealed display in a standard 2-1/16" (52mm) gauge housing

The text shown on the display face in the picture is not shown on the actual display
$109.00 USD
2014 price shown! 2013 price is $129.00
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