VEI Systems dual display gauge
Example pictures:

 Boost (top display) &
 Air Fuel Ratio (bottom display)
 Oil Pressure (top display) &
 Air Fuel Ratio (bottom display)

 Exhaust Gas Temperature (top display) &
 Air Fuel Ratio (bottom display)
 Oil Temperature (top display) &
 Water Temperature (bottom display)
 (both in Celcius)
Select your gauge setup

Bezel/body type:

Display colour:

Display 1:

Display 2:

Display 1 Units

  Display 2 Units

Pressure in PSI
Temperature in Fahrenheit
Air/fuel in AFR
Pressure in Bar
Temperature in Celcius
Air/fuel in Lambda

Select the senders for the gauge you have configured:

The sender units sold by Podi are tested and approved by VEI to be used with their gauges. The use of a non-approved sender with the VEI gauge will void any warranty that is issued to the product by VEI or Podi.

While other 3rd party sender units may be compatible with the VEI dual display gauge, VEI and Podi will not be held liable for any potential incorrect readings and/or damage caused by the use of a non-approved 3rd party sender unit.

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